Making Work Feel Like Play Again with Olympus Janne Amunét © JANNE AMUNÉT & SAMU Finally ”” she's in the right spot, looks like the gaffer can hold the LED kicker right there, and the wind in her hair is just right … now if I could just get her to relax.” These were our thoughts as we lined [...]

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FUJIFILM X-H1 Travels to the Ancient City of Varanasi

In Varanasi, you never know what to expect. With the powerful X-H1 mirrorless camera, we were able to capture everything the city had to offer through both photo and video outputs, and I am grateful to have created some of my most passionate and high-quality work in the making of the mini-documentary The City of Light.

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New York by Time-Lapse New York City is already one of the most heavily photographed places on earth, so at Focus Camera, we're always looking for new ways to illustrate unique perspectives with different locations, collaborators, and equipment. For a new promotional video, we decided to work with Syrp, a New Zealand imaging brand that makes portable [...]

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Abandon Visuals: Viewing the Action through Sigma Lenses

Fire and Ice””Lamborghini 1 With extensive backgrounds in shooting action ”” from automobile chases to high-intensity athletic motion ”” Edward Khoma and I together founded Abandon Visuals, a full production house specializing in the creation of unique TV, film and commercial content. It's our mission to evolve with, create for and adapt to [...]

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Making a New Kind of Magic with the Ricoh Theta S

In photojournalism, it's all about using pictures to tell the story. I approach every assignment the same way, asking myself, “What tools will I use? Will I use still or video? How am I going to tell this story?” More recently, I've been asking myself new questions: “Will I use the Ricoh Theta? Will the [...]

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FUJIFILM X-T2: Passport to Adventure

When you love something so much that you're willing to put your life at risk, go without sleep for days, and experience family holidays by yourself in pursuit of it, you know you've found your passion. For me, that passion is photography. From the first time I picked up a camera, I was fascinated by [...]

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Small Is The New Big by Olympus Trailblazer Austin Lottimer

I seek adventure ”” whether that be shooting surfers in Costa Rica surrounded by bull sharks and crocodiles, hiking the snowy Andes while documenting blind, wounded veterans en route to the summit of South America's highest glacier, or filming snowboarders in waist-deep powder in the Wyoming backcountry. But 2015 proved to be a different kind [...]

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JVC GY-LS300 4KCAM Brings Still Photo Sensibilities to Video

Fred Blurton Productions uses the JVC GY-LS300 for 4K and HD video shoots. Fred Blurton Productions has been using technology to promote communication with style and creativity since 2002. We handle a variety of projects, including live events, corporate video, broadcast projects and still photography. One of the latest and greatest tools in our [...]

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Secrets Of Video for Photographers: Lighting for Storytelling

My adventure into video started in the early 2000s, when non-linear editing programs like Final Cut Pro and Avid became available for desktop computers. Much of the work was still standard definition, and I was using the Sony PD150 ”” an affordable mini tape camera for documentary projects. (Important projects were still shot on expensive, professional full-size shoulder video cameras.) The PD150 had tiny chips that were not especially light-sensitive and created a “PD150 look” of deep depth of field ”” not very cinematic. In other words, everything was in focus all the time. The high compression of the mini tape cameras left something to be desired in image quality as well.

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