BEN DEPP: Bayou’s End

Piloting a motor-powered paraglider while minding changing wind and weather conditions, New Orleans-based photographer Ben Depp has spent three years soaring above South Louisiana’s swamps and vanishing coast in search of vivid views of a rapidlychanging eroding coastline. The Bayou’s End series documents the scale of the ecological effects of industrialization, saltwater intrusion and rising [...]

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His Point Of Departure: A Conversation with RALPH GIBSON

Christine in Half Shadow, 1974 © RALPH GIBSON Ralph Gibson is certainly unique. He does his own thing, making photographs his way. Most of his photographs are composed in vertical format in highcontrast black-and-white. He rarely accepts a commercial assignment. His income is mainly from sales of prints and his 25 books. As [...]

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MICHAEL “NICK” NICHOLS: Photographing What No One Else Dares Try

Vumbi pride (robot-camera photograph), Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, 2011; from A Wild Life (Aperture, 2017) © MICHAEL NICHOLS / NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CREATIVE Photojournalist Michael “Nick” Nichols is known as a photographer who takes on assignments no other photographer would consider. He began his career photographing deep caves for GEO magazine in 1979. Three years [...]

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CHRIS BURKARD: Full Immersion

Canadian Rockies at sunrise. Canada, 2014 / © CHRIS BURKARD/MASSIF Surf photographer Chris Burkard was immersed in more ways than one. In Norway's frigid waters, only six millimeters of thick neoprene separated him from extreme hypothermia and the elation of capturing another memorable photo of a surfer riding inside a crackling wave. All [...]

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DAVID ALAN HARVEY: Unlimited Enthusiasm

Havana, Cuba, 1998 © DAVID ALAN HARVEY David Alan Harvey is a bundle of energy at age 72. His creativity and versatility are astounding while straddling the line between journalism and art. He seems to go in many directions at once, always focusing on new ideas and new ways to communicate. He joined [...]

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TINA MANLEY: Still Driven to Make a Difference

Dali Lama blessing man. USA, 2015 © TINA MANLEY A successful professional photographer for more than 30 years, Tina Manley began her documentary photography business after raising four children and teaching school, as recounted in her 2002 interview with Photographer's Forum (“Tina Manley: It's Never Too Late to Make a Difference,” May/Summer 2002, [...]

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CLYDE BUTCHER: A Seat-of-the-Pants Photographer

Casey Key, Florida, 2014 © Clyde Butcher Known as “the Ansel Adams of the Everglades,” Clyde Butcher is widely admired for the majestic beauty of his wall-sized black-and-white photographs of the Florida Everglades, national parks and the American landscape. When Photographer's Forum interviewed him in 2000 (Spring/February 2000, Vol. 22, No. 2), he would [...]

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ANITA DOUTHAT: Emissary Of Light

Over the past 20 years, as photography has become increasingly hands-off, Anita Douthat has literally run the other way ”” and, one might say, into the light. Produced without a camera, her photograms rely on the sun to expose images placed directly on ultraviolet light-sensitive printing-out paper. At once skeletal X-ray and intricate detail, these light drawings of objects evoke connection to the human body, speaking of breeze and breath with the delicacy of half-remembered dreams.

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