SALLY MANN: A Thousand Crossings

Larry Shaving, 1991 © SALLY MANN The end is coming for us all, and if you don't believe it, Sally Mann's work heralds a poignant and impactful reminder. Memory, family, place, desire, death. Mann's career has been shaped by looking at the things no one wants to look at or acknowledge: moldering bodies [...]

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TRIA GIOVAN: The Cuba Archive

Bus Stop March. Havana, Cuba, 1992 © Tria Giovan In Walker Evans: A Biography, by Belinda Rathbone (Mariner Books, 2000), the photographer expresses the compulsion to document life. “It's as though there's a wonderful secret in a certain place and I can capture it…. Only I, at this moment, can capture it, and [...]

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DIANE ARBUS: In The Beginning

You never forget your first Arbus. In the early 1980s, I worked for legendary art dealer Harry Lunn, whose vision and impact first established photography as a thriving component of the art market. An art history graduate student, I was charged with creating condition reports and cataloging the trove of photographs acquired during his frequent [...]

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Imogen and Twinka, 1974, Judy Dater © JUDY DATER, 1974. THE LANE COLLECTION. COURTESY, MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BOSTON Best known for her sharp-focus modernist images from the 1920s and 30s, Imogen Cunningham, who died in 1976, worked in a myriad of styles. Admired to the point of reverence for her seven decades [...]

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GORDON PARKS: Back to Fort Scott

Husband and Wife, Sunday Morning, Detroit, Michigan, 1950 / PHOTOGRAPH BY GORDON PARKS. COURTESY AND © THE GORDON PARKS FOUNDATION. COURTESY MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BOSTON “I was born to a black childhood of confusion and poverty ”” the memory of that beginning influences my work today.” Gordon Parks Everything is about timing, [...]

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GARRY WINOGRAND Student of America

New York, ca. 1962 ©The Estate of Garry WinoGrand, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco Garry Winogrand’s body of work is as big and sprawling as the country he documented. It’s said that over two million people ”” roughly one percent of the U.S. population in the 1960s ”” were captured by his lens. [...]

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MARISSA ROTH: Chosen by a Project

Afghan Women and Children Refugees. Thal, Pakistan, 1988Image © MARISSA ROTH Some photographers consciously choose what they want to shoot ”” landscapes, rodeos, city skylines, the faces of aging ”” but for a few, the creative process is reversed. The project chooses them. Their subject becomes an irresistible, driving force, propelling them forward [...]

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TIM BRADLEY Exploring Place and Process

Untitled (Apartment interior) © TIM BRADLEY When photographers who learned their skills in the film age get together, the conversation often centers on how they dealt with the transition from film to digital. As time passes and film is not completely extinct, as many people feared, it is not uncommon for professionals and [...]

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DOUGLAS KIRKLAND A Love Affair With Photography

Sophia Loren, Rome 1972 © DOUGLAS KIRKLAND "It’s all your fault, Ken!” exclaimed Françoise Kirkland. Photographer Douglas Kirkland chimed in, “In 2005, when you invited me to judge the student photo contest at Daytona State College in Florida, we began talking with Kevin Miller about the possibility of an exhibition. The 50-year retrospective of [...]

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Unidentified Photographer. Part of the crowd near the Drill Hall on the opening day of the Treason Trial, December 19, 1956. Times Media Collection, MuseumAfrica, Johannesburg. The history of South Africa’s apartheid era was documented on a dayby- day basis by the people who lived through it. Now that history is on view [...]

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