STEVEN L. MILLER: Trading the Board Room for the Darkroom

The guitarist sits alone; his only friend is his instrument. Dwarfed by the columns of the public, yet empty, space around him, he is one with the sound. We can almost hear the notes echoing through the still air. The lighting in “Solo” underscores the sense of contrast; we are aware that this musician is [...]

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STAN RAUCHER: Fleeting Moments

Anyone looking at Stan Raucher's images can see that he has a keen eye for capturing human interactions and emotions in unguarded moments. Whether it's fervent religious believers celebrating Holy Week in Guatemala, or people on streets and subways around the world, Raucher brilliantly portrays snippets of daily living. Women's March - Seattle (2017) [...]

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ANDRÉS WERTHEIM: Spectral Expression

Passing poplar trees and weeping willows, herons and woodpeckers, Andrés Wertheim steers his motorboat down creeks crisscrossing through the lush green of the Paranà¡ River Delta. Here, an hour north of Buenos Aires, its skyline on the horizon, he finds something he can't anywhere else. “Water is very relaxing for me. It makes me humble [...]

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Votive Offering. India, 2001 © STEPHANIE FLACK They were holding signs in both Kashmiri and English, demonstrating for “Education for all,” their faces projecting the power of their intent, underscoring the message on their signs. “Knowledge is power.” “Education is success of life.” It was 2006 and photographer Stephanie Flack was in Kashmir, attending [...]

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Telling a Human Story: The Photography of PACO CHUQUIURE

Angelo. Villa El Salvador, Lima, Peràº, 2009. From Album Familiar. / © PACO CHUQUIURE When friends tell you they just visited Peru, it's easy to picture an exotic country full of unique places: sacred Machu Picchu, mysterious home of the Incas, voted one of the New 7 Wonders of the World; the Incan [...]

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SERGE RAMELLI: Visual Storyteller

Venice church © SERGE RAMELLI There is something powerful in capturing cityscapes in black-andwhite. The grit on the walls, moisture collecting on the pavement, windows weathered with use and time ”” all come to life in the details of texture, shadow and form. There may be fewer distractions with black-and-white images than with color, [...]

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BARBARA PARMET: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

“Leaf Man” from Other Realms © Barbara Parmet Photographer Barbara Parmet's work has been shown in solo exhibitions in the United States and internationally at the Fotografia Alterna in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico and at the Galerie Panique in Paris, France. Her photographs are in the permanent collections of the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of [...]

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ELENA DORFMAN: Wandering In The Uncanny Valley

Empire Falling 2 © Elena Dorfman There's an unspoken agreement between artist and viewer that runs through Elena Dorfman's work ”” “leave your visual comfort zone, give yourself over to the image and I'll take you to a place unlike anywhere you've been before.” It's there in her wide-ranging portrait work featuring sex [...]

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CRAIG VARJABEDIAN Seduced by the Light

Comanche Tipis from the film Comanche Moon. Near Abiquiàº, New Mexico, 2006 © CRAIG VARJABEDIAN Craig Varjabedian is a fine art photographer who captures the landscapes, people and culture of the American West at moments when light, shadow and composition come together in magical ways. He works primarily in black-and-white, although his latest [...]

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