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Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler is a freelance writer and photographer based in Southern California, where she received her MFA in Still Photography. She has contributed articles to Digital Photo Pro, Rangefinder, and the PIEA Journal and has authored three instructional books on photography.

SERGE RAMELLI: Visual Storyteller

Venice church © SERGE RAMELLI There is something powerful in capturing cityscapes in black-andwhite. The grit on the walls, moisture collecting on the pavement, windows weathered with use and time ”” all come to life in the details of texture, shadow and form. There may be fewer distractions with black-and-white images than with color, [...]

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Lew Sterrett Justice Center, Dallas, Texas, USA, 1987 © PHILIPP SCHOLZ RITTERMANN When you first turn off the lights at night, you see only darkness. A seemingly consuming black engulfs you. But as you wait and your eyes adjust, a new world starts to emerge. Soft light comes at you from impossible directions. [...]

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Adam’s Break. Florida 2012 The first time you submerge underwater, you know you are in a different world. Sounds are muted and the blue wash of the water changes colors and contrast, blurring out anything that is too far away. You are in an intimate space, interacting only with your immediate environment, floating freely [...]

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